Ready to start your application to study with ECOPH?

The great news is that it takes just five minutes to apply to study with ECOPH! Our easy application form will ask you some basic questions about your education history to help us understand your academic level.
We’ll also request documents in the cause of this process of your application, kindly prepare all necessary documents as you begin this application process.

What happens after I submit my application?

1. The Admissions office will check whether you have paid the application fee and if your application is complete.

2. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application and, if necessary, indicating any documents you still need to submit.

3. The Admissions Committee will make its decision after receiving your application documents and fee.

4. The Admissions office and the Admissions Committee will review your application and call you for an interview.

5. Once admitted, you will receive an admission offer letter via email from the Admissions office with information on student housing, immigration, student registration and further required documents.