Live to succeed at ECOPH's Accommodation

There is no better way to be a part of ECOPH life than to live on the School grounds. We offer on-campus accommodation with high-quality facilities and the chance to have some serious fun. If you’d prefer to live off campus, ECOPH can help there as well.

Accommodation can be pre-booked before you leave home. Pre-booking accommodation means that you will not have to compete with other students for rental units and houses, which are in very high demand in the weeks leading up to the start of semester.

Operated by the College for the exclusive use of ECOPH students. The college understands that accommodation plays an important role in setting the foundation for academic success. Students have access to an impressive portfolio of College-managed student accommodation options, made available specifically to support your studies.

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Recreational Space

Just a short stroll from the student's apartment on the south side is our famous pavilion also known as AKOSA's place, a peaceful and safe retreat for students and guests to take a quick break to experience ECOPH's social scene, have a drink, and a feel of the cool breeze. AKOSA's place is the central gathering point for everyone at ECOPH at all times of the day. It is also used for many social events.

Eating & Drinking

Our Cafeteria currently runs from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm daily, with a small convenience store that provides snacks among other things. Contact us for more info.


We offer Professional dry cleaning & Laundry Services for students, staff and faculty. This service is for all machine washable clothes--sheets, towels, underclothes, shirts, pants, etc. Items are washed, dried, folded and packaged.

Safety on campus

The College provides trained security officers to help ensure you and your property are safe on campus. If something goes wrong or doesn't seem right, help is just a phone call away. We are committed to a safe, inclusive and respectful community, free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.