Good news !! There are many options to help you finance your studies with scholarships. The MPH Program Scholarships are made possible through the generous contributions of Robert and Lynette Gay.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship must meet the following criteria:

1. Students must be from Ghana or an ECOWAS country.

2. Students must remain in good academic standing for continued consideration.

Award details:

Awards are given at the start of the program, based on eligibility. The Scholarship will remain in place for two years, based on good academic standing and available funds.

Leadership Corp

Overview and Renewal: Applicants accepted to the Leadership Corp program are required to participate in leadership training and extracurricular activities for 30 hours per semester. Participation in the program and the subsequent tuition reduction may be renewed annually for students in good academic standing (completion of all courses and minimum GPA) and current on their tuition payments. Application is required for yearly renewal.

Tuition Reduction: Students accepted to the Leadership Corp program are eligible for a tuition reduction of Gh₵ 1,500 per semester with a total tuition reduction of up to Gh₵ 3,000 per year.

To apply for the MPH Program Scholarship & Leadership Corp, refer to the links below.
Online Scholarship Application form Or Download Scholarship form here