NAME: Reuben K. Esena, PhD, Senior Lecturer

EMAIL: reuben.esena@ensign.edu.gh

Reuben Kwasi Esena holds a PhD [Tropical Science] from the University of Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK. Before he joined the Ensign College of Public Health on September 01, 2018, Dr Reuben Esena taught at the University of Ghana School of Public Health as a Senior Lecturer in Health Systems and Health Leadership.

He was the Head of Department of Health Policy, Planning and Management where he served on the University Academic Board and was in the Working Group to plan the School of Public Health under the Collegiate System.
He was in the Committee to develop the Pan African Doctoral Program and a member of the Consortium for Health Policy and Systems Analysis for Africa.

He belongs to African Association of Public Health Professionals and his Research interests in Public Health focus on Health Systems Strengthening, Community Education and Participation in Diseases Control Programs and also Quality Improvement in Health Care.