Program Structure

The Ensign School of Public Health’s (MPH) degree will provide you with the breadth of knowledge, the subject-specific expertise, the specialized skills, and the powerful global network you need to forge the career you want in public health. Whether you are a medical doctor, an established public health professional, or new to the field of public health, flexible degree formats and an array of options for specific fields of study will provide you with the right mix of grounding in the core disciplines of Public Health, as well as specialized focus to meet your individual goals.

Duration of Program

The program extends over two academic years of four semesters. each academic year consists of two semesters with the first semester starting in August to December.the second semester starts from mid-January to may. A semester is 16 weeks, of which 13 weeks are used for teaching, one week for revision and 2 weeks for examination

Required competencies

The competencies to be acquired by all students by the end of the year of the MPH program are shown in the table below.

Competency DomainCompetency Statement
  • Identify public health problems pertinent to the population.
  • Investigate acute or chronic public health problem.
  • Analyse health data using appropriate statistical methods.
  • Manage public health surveillance system.
COMMUNITY DIMENSION OF PRACTICE Develop and participate in community partnership
  • Develop written public health communications.
  • Develop and deliver Oral public health Communications.
  • Manage a field project.
  • Manage personel and resources
  • Be an effective team leader and member.
  • Assess data and formulate policy for a given health issue.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate health programme or intervention.