There is an increasing emphasis on educating leaders who will shape the science and practice of Public Health in Ghana, West Africa and throughout the world. Public Health is a field that requires a broad array of competencies and one of the essential qualities of impactful Public Health scholars and practitioners is leadership.

Program Description

Ensign College of Public Health has developed a specialization in leadership as an integral element of each student’s educational experience. Beginning this year, students will be offered a chance to develop leadership capabilities by participating in a new extracurricular program known as Ensign College of Public Health Leadership Corps. This program is designed to jointly provide students with quality experiences serving in leadership roles to advance Ensign College of Public Health through a series of institutional initiatives. Students accepted to the Leadership Corps will be required to participate in leadership training through programs such as Developing the Leader in You and Application of Good to Great. This extracurricular training will prepare students to contribute their time and talents to one of the institutional initiatives.

Tuition Reduction

Students who participate in the Leadership Corp for 30 hours a semester will be offered a tuition break of Gh¢1,500  for that semester – with a total tuition reduction each year of up to Gh¢3,000. Students who participate in this program for both the 1 st and 2nd semesters will receive a certificate of achievement for their leadership service. Students will be asked to commit to participation at the beginning of the semester and will work with their leadership advisor to schedule workshop participation and project work. Enrollment Please contact the Academic Registrar, Mr. Patrick Kuma, if you are interested in increasing your capacity as a leader of the future by becoming a member of the Leadership Corps.