Tuition and Fees

Enrolling in a graduate program is an investment in your future. As you consider this step, you will want to anticipate the costs for your studies so that you can be prepared.

Tuition, fees and other costs

Tuition and fees will vary depending on several factors, including whether:
You are a Ghanaian citizen, permanent resident or international student;
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The actual cost of tuition per year is $ 5,000. Students who receive 40% discount of the full fee will be paying $3,000 a year.
Fees will be paid in Ghana cedis at the prevailing exchange rate of 4.65 to a dollar.

You will also need to consider and prepare for other costs, including:

Relocation costs, if you are living somewhere besides Kpong.
Living costs, including accommodation, food and other items.
Non-instructional fees, such as fees for athletics and health services.
Travel and living expenses related to completing a practicum placement in another location.