Dr. Lynette Gay, Board Chair

Dr Gay Is the Managing Director of Kensington Capital Children’s Fund, an organization that supports and works with multiple charities around the world. She also currently serves as Chair of Engage Now Africa. In 2002, she helped launch an integrated development program in Ethiopia’s Rift Valley which has expanded to include Ghana, Sierra Leone and Namibia.

The initiatives in these countries include health and sanitation, medical and maternal clinics, literacy and micro-credit, and education and orphan support. Lynette is the former International Director for the Stay Alive Program, an AIDS education and prevention program taught in primary and secondary schools in developing countries.
She has also been active in leadership roles in several other organizations including Ballard Center for Economic Self Reliance, Board of Trustees of Southern Virginia University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Lynette is a trained medical assistant and has organized and worked in rural medical clinics throughout Africa for thirteen years. She and her husband, Elder Robert C. Gay, lived in Ghana, West Africa from 2004–2007, serving as Mission President over the Ghana Accra Mission. In that capacity they frequently travelled to Sierra Leone and Liberia and have continued to work in development in theses countries.