Aenean ligula mol stie viverra
November 20, 2014

A 2-Day Professional Training Course for Leaders

The Program which was themed “Working with Communities is the key to stopping ebola” was delivered by a team of health professionals from the University of Utah.

Ebola is a severe infectious disease in humans and animals such as monkeys and gorillas, which is caused by infection with the Ebola virus.
It is very infectious, kills in a short time BUT can be prevented.
How is it spread?
• Ebola is spread through direct physical contact with body fluids like blood, saliva, stool, vomitus, urine, and sweat of an infected person and soiled linen used by a patient
• Splashing of body fluids from an infected person into the eyes of another person
• It can also be spread through using skin piercing instruments that have been used by an infected person
• The Virus can also be got through contact with persons who have died of Ebola
• The virus can also be got through eating dead animals especially monkeys that died of Ebola.
How can it be prevented?
• Wash your hands often with soap.
• Avoid direct contact with body fluid of a person suffering from Ebola, or dead person by wearing gloves, masks and goggles.
• Persons suspected to be suffering from Ebola should be taken to the nearest hospital.

The Inaugural Dean of Ensign College, Dr C.N. Tetteh, welcoming participants to the workshop.